c# .net developer

c# .net developer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a c# .net developer to join our team.


  • Flexible schedule and availability to work with team;
  • Willing to learn and adapt;
  • A team player, able to help the team and focus on the success of the project;
  • Highly motivate.


  • MVC;
  • Entity framework;
  • Web Authentication, session management, SSL;
  • SQL, MSSQL Server/Express and LINQ;
  • Analytics for example GoogleAnalytics;
  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science, equivalent work experience, or just be really awesome;
  • Built web applications / Rest API using MVC3 or above;
  • Caching, redis, in-memory cache;
  • API – Authentication, JSON, oAuth;
  • Handling image uploads;
  • IIS;
  • javascript, good knowledge of framework like KnockoutJS is plus;
  • NuGet packages, msbuild, msdeploy and mstest;
  • C# engineer must have deep knowledge of C# Reflection, dynamic types, and also Image Manipulation Functionality in .NET;
  • WPF.