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11 days ago

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Hello, I Require a suitable Self - Employment contract for a new UK based Escort Agency . I am running the Escort Agency and need a contract, that I can get the Escorts to sign that explains they are self - employed and perhaps some type of disclaimer like you are charging...  >>

14 days ago

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 ...examples i want 100 of them which offer free advertising/submission. 4. The 100 adult directory should have the following a). Should be escort directory not dating. b). Targets Kenyan market c). Should high PR Note If you can be able to search where foreigners who visit...  >>

4 days ago

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 ...have a Grammarly score of 70 (minimum). The theme of each article must be centred around the exploits and lifestyle of a high class escort living in London i.e. similar to the novel "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" Our clients require three different writing styles Theme 1...  >>




Freelancer or freelance worker is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term

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