Technical Content Artist (3D Modelling)

Technical Content Artist (3D Modelling) Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Technical Content Artist (3D Modelling) to join our team.


  • Provide general art assistance for the full environment art team;
  • Bug Fixing;
  • Process 3D assets through the game pipeline;
  • Optimise art assets to improve performance (Occlusion, streaming, memory etc.);
  • Create 3D art pipeline assets (LODs, collision, lighting etc.).


  • Strong communication and time management skills;
  • Able to prioritize and multi-task;
  • Strong knowledge of 3ds Max and Photoshop;
  • Education / certificate course in 3D art production;
  • Ability to grasp new tools, programs and systems quickly.

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What jobs are similar to Technical Content Artist (3D Modelling)?