For Physiotherapist In Hong Kong

For Physiotherapist In Hong Kong Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a For Physiotherapist In Hong Kong to join our team.


  • Assisting trauma patients with how to walk again;
  • Referring patients to doctors and other medical practitioners;
  • Making assessments of patients physical conditions;
  • Educating patients, family members, and the community on how to prevent injuries and live a healthy lifestyle;
  • Formulating treatment plans to address the conditions and needs of patients;
  • Planning and organizing physiotherapy and fitness programs;
  • Conducting complex mobilization techniques;
  • Establish treatment goals with patients based on physical diagnoses;
  • May provide consulting or education services;
  • May conduct research in physiotherapy;
  • Evaluate effectiveness of treatment plans and modify accordingly;
  • Develop and implement health promotion programs for patients, staff and the community;
  • Maintain clinical and statistical records and confer with other health care professionals;
  • Communicate with referring physician and other healthcare professionals regarding patients’ problems, needs and progress;
  • Assess patients’ physical abilities through evaluative procedures such as functional ability tests.


  • Tolerance and patience;
  • Degree in Physiotherapy;
  • Experience working as a Physiotherapist;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Administration skills;
  • The ability to build and maintain rapport with patients;
  • Good health and fitness;
  • Teamwork skills.