Corporate Sales Manager

Corporate Sales Manager Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Corporate Sales Manager to join our team.


  • Relationship Management with Corporates: Manage healthy relationships with the corporates, ensure customer satisfaction and earn;
  • Help promote and maintain a positive company image;
  • Become familiar with the competition to stay ahead of them;
  • Create and enforce plans that will help meet the needs of customers;
  • Build long-term relationships with clients and customers;
  • Encourage high-sales and good customer service practices;
  • Create strategies and work with clients to boost their brand;
  • Work quickly to address and resolve customer issues;
  • Managing Corporate Sales team: Manage team of sales executives/ interns and lead them towards attainment of their sales goals;
  • Notify the sales team of new sales and cross-selling opportunities.


  • Industry;
  • Security / Law Enforcement.