First Electrician

First Electrician Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a First Electrician to join our team.


  • Operates with the full consideration for the comfort of Guests;
  • Assigns maintenance duties to his engine department personnel, actively supervising overhaul and repair work;
  • Assures correct disposal of garbage to comply with International, National and Company regulations;
  • Ensures control over the issue and use of materials to prevent waste;
  • Inspects work in progress, and on completion, assuring that manpower is utilized to its fullest extent;
  • Assigns maintenance, repair duties to electricians, actively supervising in any overhaul, and repair work;
  • Supervises the use of appropriate material used for maintenance, assuring required safety for personnel and equipment;
  • Prepares requisitions and spare parts, submitting them to the Chief Electrician for approval.


  • At least 5 years of experience in the position on board of Ships operating internationally;
  • Proficiency in security awareness training is required;
  • High School Graduation with appropriate licenses obtained from certified Technical Institutes;
  • A recognised medical certification is required before starting to work onboard;
  • Windows based computer ability and proven knowledge of MS Office suite is a must;
  • Fluent in oral and written English and Italian. Knowledge of other Foreign language is a plus;
  • STCW trainings are compulsory (Basic fire fighting, personal survival techiniques, elementary first aid, perosnal security and social responsibility);
  • VISA working permit, Entry and/or Transit VISAs may be required depending on ship itinerary;
  • Good supervisory skills, crisis, and problem handling.

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