Management Trainee – VBA Coder

Management Trainee – VBA Coder Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Management Trainee – VBA Coder to join our team.


  • Generalizing the codes and modules on a recurring basis;
  • Develop Macro/VBA based custom solutions within agreed timelines;
  • Carry out proficient programming using MS excel macros and excel functions;
  • Gain clear understanding on the improvement requirements from the partners and work towards it;
  • Understand the existing VBA based tools and codes to provide effective production support;
  • Build various technical documentation like test cases and improvement designs;
  • Analyze and write VBA codes along with carrying out testing;
  • Continuous VBA development and support;
  • Work on various SAP based requirements in regard to Win shuttle.


  • B.Tech Graduate;
  • MCA or M.Sc Post Graduate. Quantitative/ Analytical background.