GIS Intern

GIS Intern Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a GIS Intern to join our team.


  • Enhance the location data with the non-spatial data;
  • Check for any geometric errors and update;
  • Creating PlaceMatrix (Building footprint) polygons for different countries;
  • Create spatial tiles (Geohashes/H3/S2 Cells) for the PlaceMatrix/polygons;
  • Geoprocessing of Near POIs data and PlaceMatrix created;
  • Automate the Places data harvesting – geocoding/reverse geocoding.


  • Preferably from Computer Science/Programming background with experience in python;
  • Exceptional problem solving and analytical with a detail-oriented attitude;
  • B.Tech/B.E in GIS;
  • Passion for learning new technologies;
  • Thorough knowledge of GIS concepts, QGIS & Geocoding/Reverse geocoding.